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Welcome to Unified Engineering

We are a science and engineering consulting firm specializing in failure prevention and analysis. Unified brings together a diverse group of technical professionals who have both the analytical skills and the knowledge to apply such skills to solve a variety of problems in design, product assessment, failure analysis, and accident investigation.

Unified's investigations cover the fields of:

Mechanical engineering
including stress analysis, dynamics and vibration analysis, heat transfer, hydraulics, pneumatics, and fluid mechanics
Civil engineering
including soil mechanics and the analysis of constructed facilities in steel, concrete, masonry, and timber
Engineering mechanics
including fatigue analysis, fracture mechanics, finite element analysis, mechanical testing, and experimental mechanics
Metallurgical and materials engineering
including analysis of coatings, castings, forgings, and welding and joining methods, microstructural analysis, fracture analysis, heat treatment evaluation, corrosion analysis, non-destructive testing, and design and application of metals, plastics, and glass
including organic and inorganic analysis, surface analysis, micro-analysis, and chemical and material flammability analysis
Chemical health and safety
including personal chemical exposure analysis, safety audits, development of safety programs, and OSHA right-to-know compliance assessments
Environmental science
including environmental chemical analysis, contaminant and particulate identification, and chemical impact on the environment
Reliability engineering
including fault-tree analysis, event-tree analysis, and failure modes, effects and criticality analysis
Workplace and product safety
including OSHA and other regulatory compliance, product risk assessment, and incident/accident analysis of machinery, facilities, and construction